About Progstreaming

Progstreaming is a blog that informs its readers about new released albums, or newly reissued albums, boxsets, LPs, cassettes, downloads. It also informs them about where they can buy the certain releases, and tries to establish a platform that delivers all the information concerning a release in a smart, neat and handy method. Also, Progstreaming offers several embedded player of an existing stream elsewhere, so that readers may choose to either play the legal stream right there and then, or to add it on their future playlist. Finally, Progstreaming also offer video clips, belonging to the current release, and tour dates, belonging to the artist of the current release.

Hence our motto Hear. See. Like. Buy. Go. At Progstreaming, you can hear the release, see the video clips, like it on your social media, buy a product from their catalogue and go to a concert nearby.

Progstreaming unites listeners and artists. Listeners will discover new music and artists will have a unique opportunity to promote their product.

How can I get featured on Progstreaming?

Many new releases will be automatically submitted to Progstreaming, especially those belonging to large record companies. New releases will be submitted as soon as we find them on the existing streaming sites. If we nonetheless overlook a certain album you think is worthwhile to show to our public, please e-mail us at info(at)progstreaming(dot)nl

Who's behind Progstreaming and what's the history?

In 2011 we've started Progstreaming (http://www.progstreaming.com) and we were one of the first to present full album streaming for promotional purposes. Since that time, the shift has changed. Nowadays, streaming is not only seen as promotion (for their CDs, LPs and downloads) but also revenue in itself. The demand from the labels and musicians began to shift too, and hence the idea for a complete website that only offers extended streams was born. 

Is Progstreaming legal?

Yes. Please read our disclaimer and privacy statement for more information. Spotify's term of use is here. Bandcamp's term of use is here. Deezer's term of use is here. Please notify us about any inconsistencies you might find.

About the functionality of the embedded players

The Bandcamp-widget plays instantly. The Spotify-widget however will first open your Spotify, and the music will start playing, but you won't hear it, unless you refresh. It's recommended to open Spotify first, and then click one of our widgets. It will then play like a charm. The Deezer-widget will be automatically set to listen to 30'' (30 seconds); once listening to 30 seconds, it will show a log-in. After that, no matter where you listen on Progstreaming, all Deezer-widgets run smoothly. Both Spotify and Deezer also offer premium subscriptions, which are free from advertisement. Progstreaming is in no way responsible for bad functioning widgets. Progstreaming has no association with either Spotify, Deezer or Bandcamp. Our disclaimer and privacy statement applies on all Progstreaming website and its social media.




The Progstreaming theme was originally based on "New Golden Gray 1.8.3" Theme by William Pramana and Samuel T. Trassare >  http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/new-golden-gray
2011: Website and modified theme by Wouter van Dijk & Robbert Nijhoff.
2012: Website and modified theme by 
Ron Kraaijkamp ( 2rsweb.nl) to use  progstreaming.com also on Apple's iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Also enhanced website maintenance.
2013: Created progstreamingclassic.com to give artists and listeners the opportunity to promote and listen to previous released work. Idea Markwin Meeuws, created by 
Ron Kraaijkamp ( 2rsweb.nl).
2014 -2015: Added more streaming sites for different types of music.

About supported environments

Progstreaming runs either in a flash enabled or HTML5 browser. Please see note under the table below.
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Windows 8, 64 bits

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Android 4.x, tablet (Asus TF101, ICS) and TV Stick (iMito MX1, JB)

Default android browser, ï»¿Chrome beta (mobile page), Opera 12 (flash enabled), Dolphin browser, FF18

IOS 5 (iPhone 4, iPad)

Safari, Chrome

IOS 6 (iPhone 4 and 5, iPad)

Safari, Chrome

CentOS 5.4, 64 bits. To be tested.

To be tested

Ubuntu 11

FF7, Chromium 24



Other combinations might also work.

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This may also be valid for Chrome on IOS.

We will continue to improve support for HTML5.